Aloe Africa Ranch

This controlled conservation area is situated in the North Western parts of  Kwazulu-Natal, 20 km from the a small town Dundee, 300 km from Durban and 400 km from Johannesburg.

The ranch of 3000 ha is in open mountain area with aloe and acacia savannah. It is a haven for 100+ indigenous Trees, 150+ indigenous Birds and up to 50 species of mammals from the shy spotted Genet to the big “Buffalo” like Brindle Gnu. The area is Malaria free and day temperatures varies from 20-30°C in summer and 15-25°C in winter .Spectacular thunderstorms and sunsets can be seen in summer.

From 2000-4000 years ago the San people roamed and hunted this area and left evidence of there lifestyle in the rock paintings that can be seen on the cliffs and rocks. They later fled to the Kalahari Desert from the black tribes that come from north Africa.

In the 1700’s these black tribes fled from the Zulu king Shaka and his growing Zulu nation and took refuge in these hills and some turned into cannibalism for survival.

200 years ago Zulu people grazed their herds of cattle here. The names of the rivers, streams and hills bear testimony to the large herds of wild animals, which roamed these hills and Valleys.

150 years ago the Afrikaans speaking Voortrekkers families came over the Drakenberg mountains to defeat the Zulu nation and started to productively farm these areas.


This was a cattle ranch and has been farmed by the Gunther family for more than 130 years. They later turned more into game farming and believe in sustainable production and manage the farm accordingly.

Safari Hunting on the Ranch is great and some SCI and Rowland Ward trophies has been taken including the SCI NO I Mountain Reedbuck and some 63 inch kudu bulls.

The INDUMENI mountain on the Ranch is the highest peak in the Biggersberg range. INDUMENI means “where the thunder rolls” in the native Zulu language.

The breath taking sceneries and views exudes an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

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