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P.O.Box 36
Dundee 3000
Kwazulu Natal
Republic Of South Africa

    Chris Gunther, Ranch Owner

    (Outfitter and Professional Hunter)

    Whatsapp +27844668873

    Christiaan Frans Gunther

    I was born in 1973 and grew up on our farm that’s been in the family since 1882. I grew up with dogs, horses and cattle all around me and earned some money by shooting the birds eating the fruit out of my Grandfathers fruit trees. At 6 I will spend the day with my Zulu friend, my Fox terrier and my trusted .22 hunting Rock Rabbits in the mountain. At 7 I shot my first Duiker and at 8 my first Mountain Reedbuck high up in a mountain. By then I was hooked and could not wait to get home from boarding school each holiday. The best holidays wasn’t those going to the Kwazulu Natal coastline but rather those hunting weekends with our friends in the bush.

    After school I joined the military for a year and then studied agriculture for a further 4 years. After my studies I joined my Father farming cattle but soon started hunting with South-African clients to earn an extra income. The commercial hunting did well and we soon decided to buy in more species, later we build a lodge and not long afterword’s we sold all the cattle and started game farming. Meanwhile I did my PH course in 2001 and stated my career first as a PH and later as a Hunting Outfitter marketing to trophy hunters

    In 2020 me and Yogi joined forces and together build an outfit that don’t just hunt locally but all over Southern Africa. 

    I’m blessed to still live on the farm with my wife, my 2 children and my parents. All of us are passionate about the farm, the game and love it to meet clients from all over the world that like the outdoors like we do.  

    Jurgens (Yogi) Potgieter
    (Professional Hunter and Outfitter)

    Whatsapp +27788000577

    All that Yogi wanted to do when he open his eyes was HUNT. His first hunt with me was at 13 years old, with some Belgian trophy hunters on Kameelkop – by then he was already better than the average PH.

    2 Years later his dad with all his military experience got a contract in IRAK and the rest of the family moved to a nearby town. Yogi wanted to be back in the bush so organized to visit us almost every weekend and every holiday, helping with farm work and hunts.

    After school he first worked in America and then came back to South-Africa, got his PH licence and then hunted for some well-known and big outfitters where he got his vast experience on big game hunting. He hunted for Aloe Africa Hunting Safaris a few times before we decided to join forces in 2020.