Mozambique Hunting Safaris

Nhenda – Cahora Bassa

Our Nhenda camp is in the Mozambican province of Tete, near the Cahora Bassa Dam. The area is made up of one million acres of wild land where animals are free to roam. The dam is 60 miles away. Most of the habitat is made up of mountains with thick bush. Dry river beds cut through the mountains. This is a true wilderness that hasn’t been touched by people, and the sunsets over the lake are amazing.

People who hunt know that our area has some of the biggest crocodiles in Africa. The average size of a crocodile here is 14 feet, but some of them are even 17 and a half feet long. There are also a lot of healthy leopards in the area, and every year we get to hunt giant Tom’s.

The camp is on the northern side of the dam and has five en-suite chalets with hot and cold water, solar power, comfortable beds, and a fully stocked bush bar. There is also a campfire area with a view of the dam where our clients can relax.

Elephants, lions, hippos, hyenas, kudus, Chobe bush buck, Sharpes grys buck, duiker, warthog, bush pig, klipspringers, civet cats, genet cats, caracals, honey badgers, baboons, and monkeys also live in the concession. The best time to hunt is from May to the middle of October. After that, it can get very hot. If a client wants to do a safari and tiger fishing at the same time, the best time is between September and October.

We pick up our clients at the airport in Tete, then drive 4 hours to the dam. Once we get there, we switch to one of our boats to cross the water to our camp.

At our Nhenda camp, we hunt hippos, crocodiles, and leopards most of the time.

Northern Mozambique – Niassa

Our Niassa lodge in the heart of Africa offers a hunting experience that embodies the atmosphere of a true African safari. A spirit of adventure, excitement, company, and a zest for adventure in a wildlife-rich environment we call paradise. Our Niassa camp is located in the Niassa province in the north of Mozambique. The territory enjoys a subtropical vegetation and climate with a moderate to heavy rainfall.

Our concession in this pristine wilderness is over 270 000 hectares in size and is located north of Marrupa and south of Block C – Niassa Reserve. The concession is bounded to the east by the Ruanbeze and to the west by the Luveco. Rooseveldt sable, Lichtenstein hartebeest, and Nyassaland wildebeest are among the unusual species found in the area. There are also buffalo, lions, leopards, and elephants in the vicinity.