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Book a South African Hunting Safari and adventures for you and your family. Our Safaris are tailored for your needs and our no hidden fee policy make the rates unbeatable.

South Africa has more species of mammals than any other place on the globe. The abundance of antelope species in South Africa make it an absolute hunters paradise.

Hunting in South Africa’s Kwazulu Natal is a dream for the trophy collector or first time safari hunter. Conservation areas  are bursting with the extra ordinary numbers of species and game. Families love to come for a safari to Kwazulu Natal, and shoot, shop and explore. Hunting is great, trophy quality good, camps and hunting lodges are superb, equipment is top line, and everything is at the best prices in the business. South Africa is one country the hunter can rely on for a fine, hassle free Africa hunting safari. 

The ranch is situated in the north western parts of Kwazulu Natal in a malaria free area, with a moderate climate and offers some of the finest game hunting in Southern Africa.

The ranch belongs and is managed by the Gunther family and we encourage hunters to bring their families along. Our sole purpose is to have clients back as friends by giving them an unbelievable African experience, share with them the Africa we love and leave them with an adventure full of remarkable memories that will last a lifetime.

All safaris are fully guided, customized and tailor made for each hunter to make your dream South African hunting safari come true.

The hunting techniques that we employ can vary based upon the preference of the hunter. It can range from walk and stalk, to glassing and hunting from a blind with bow and arrow. A client with a disability or anyone whose physical activity is limited by age or medical condition can hunt from one of our well-equipped 4 x 4 hunting vehicles.

The ranch has been in the Gunther family since 1882 and Christiaan is the 5th generation on the ranch. Christiaan Gunther (45)  hunted with his father on the ranch from a young age. He started with an air rifle hunting Mouse birds in the fruit trees, then Rock Rabbits and Duikers in the mountain and at eight he shot his first Impala. Now he is  a Professional hunter and Outfitter with vast experience, hunting with clients from all over the world. His wife Annelise (44) is very passionate about catering and she loves spoiling her guests with traditional South African dishes.

They are blessed with a son Pieter (12) and a daughter Anke (10). Christiaan’s  father Pieter (73) and mother Margerete (72) are  helping to make your  South African hunting safari unforgettable and as pleasant as possibleThe rest of the staff consists of four Trackers (Begi, Minutes and Tulani), assistant cook (Six), skinner (Moffet) and the well known tracker dogs.

What Makes Our South African Hunting Safari Unique?

What distinguishes this ranch and lodge from the rest ? It is a private ranch and lodge exclusively for you, your family and friends (no other hunters), so you will have complete privacy for the duration of your safari.

At the airport you will be met immediately by the smiling, friendly face. During the drive to the camp many questions and answers will be exchanged and your comfort level will increase. Upon arrival at the camp, many more smiling faces will greet you and you will settle into your South African Hunting Safari and adventure of a lifetime.

A man who takes pride in his hunting and himself always hunts and treats his quarry with respect, both before and after the shot.  Come and join us for an authentic South African Hunting Safari with Aloe Africa Hunting Safaris.