Taxidermy – 10% Discount For All Aloe Africa Hunting Safari Clients

There Are Two Methods Of Handling Your Trophies

Taxidermy Method 1 : Dip & Ship

Where you have your trophies shipped raw from SA and mounted in your country of origin.

Method 1 – Delivery of trophies to the Taxidermy

In this stage your trophies are checked for name tags, booked in, and an inventory is taken of each client’s trophies.

1.2. Drying treatment

Skins are put out to dry and treated with insecticides.

1.3 Rotting and Boiling the skulls get submerged in water to aid in the rotting process after 2 weeks the skulls are boiled in water to remove all meat and fat.

1.4. Bleaching/Pickling the skulls are bleached in hydrogen peroxide to get them nice and white. Skins and capes are submerged in a pickle solution for at least one day.

1.5. Drying Neutralizing the skulls that have been bleached are then set out to dry. Skins and capes are removed from the pickle neutralized and then salted and dried.

1.6. Quality Control

After drying all skulls and horns, skins are manually checked to ensure utmost quality.

1.7. Wrapping

All trophies are wrapped in bubble wrap and 200 micron clear plastic. Tags are put on the outside of each trophies with the clients name, the PH he hunted with, and what trophies is in each bag.

1.8. Crating, This is the last step, our freight forwarder come to our premises and a crate is specifically build for each shipment, ensuring that you don’t pay extra shipping costs.

Your trophies should be ready for shipping in 6 Months.

Taxidermy Method 2 : Mount and Ship

Skulls follow the same process as in Method 1 up to stage 5. Skins will follow the same process up in stage 4. However, the skins stay in the pickle to be fleshed and cleaned of meat and excess tissue.

During this time the manikin is molded sculpted and prepared for the skin. After pickling and fleshing the skins are neutralized and tanned in preparation for mounting.

Mounting takes place after we have confirmed with the clients their mounting instructions exp,animal facing left/right/ straight upright, sneak whatever pose the client decides on.

Drying takes place for approximately 4-8 weeks, after drying the trophies are cleaned and painted, and they go through one last inspection. The last stage is packing and crating once again as with method.

The freight forwarder come to our premises to do the packing and crating, ensuring that you don’t pay excess shipping costs and that your trophies arrive safely in your country of origin.

Your mounted trophies should be ready for shipping in 9 Months.